Decorating with Neutrals

Hi buddies,

If you know me at all then you are not at all surprised by my love for decorating with neutrals… give me all the whites, creams, beiges and grays! These colors are simple, crisp, clean, inviting and peaceful… and if done the right way, a neutral color pallet can come alive with subtle touches of warm woods, blacks and lots of texture.

I used to choose a color or a theme that was unique to each room in our home, but that was a disaster and then it limited me on how I could rearrange my décor throughout the house. By making the color pallet cohesive it makes the whole house flow together, feels effortless and gives you the freedom to move things room to room to freshen up the look.

Now, even though I say it’s effortless doesn’t mean that it hasn’t taken me a long time to perfect the look of neutral décor without it looking too blah and beige. For me, the key has been lots and lots of texture. This makes the room have dimension, feels cozy and breaks up the otherwise all neutral room. I add in pops of black, greenery and wood to break up all the white but still make it feel neutral and cozy.

To recap: I start with a neutral base, for my home that is typically white. Then I build around this by adding in different textures, and patterns but still neutral in color. I add in different accent pieces that warm up the space, like something wooden, a basket, pillows or throw blankets. And finally I step back and usually find 1-2 items that I should take away. It’s easy to make a space too busy or have too much going on while you’re working an area so I usually step back and remove a couple of items that I might like but maybe don’t love. The rule I try to live by when it comes to decorating is one I adopted from Living with Landyn and that is, "hate it til you love it"… and that has really helped me with simplifying my home and making better choices while shopping.

This gorgeous photo credit goes to West Elm. I am in love with all the neutrals and texture they have put together.

Now, for those of you who love color, by all means add in the color that speaks to you- no judgement here! For this girl though, I have found I make much better, long term choices when I stick to my neutral color pallet. Think decor capsule; fewer pieces, but quality, investment pieces. And if that means less trips returning the impulse buys that I bring home then I call that a win. I hope you found this helpful, thank you for being here with me!



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