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Updated: Dec 31, 2018

Hi guys!

I wanted to share with you one of my favorite DIY projects that we have done so far because it resulted in more space in our kitchen and a more organized and useful drop zone area. However, before we get started I must warn you that some of these pics are very grainy and fuzzy- these were taken before I learned how to edit my pics to make them look more presentable- sorry guys! Back to the drop zone... when we bought this house this little area was a dark hole that collected all the junk in the house so getting it under control was a must!

yep, this is here as a reminder to myself to insert a pic from when we bought our house if ever can find one... sorry guys, I'm not perfect :)

We started the project by reaching out to a friend- hi Ashley! - who built our same house and asked her for any photos she had of the area when it was just studded in. The hubby came up with what he thought would be a simple plan to take out the wall behind the refrigerator and push it back, as the photos of our friend's house didn't show any water pipes or electrical issues.

Before we could move the wall we had to demo the original drop zone area, tear out the bench that collected more junk than I knew what to do with and take out the cubbies underneath. The hubby knows me well and took the cubbies out carefully because I had a plan to reuse them as built-in shelves.

Well, like most DIY projects that we have tackled, this one came with many surprises hidden within that wall. The wall behind our refrigerator contained water pipes that needed to be rerouted which was not a huge set back but unexpected none the less.

The hubby got everything moved and the wall pushed back... 17 inches!!! He installed the cubbies vertically so they now made for cute built in shelves. You guys! - you have no idea how amazing an extra 17 inches is when you have been cramped in your tiny kitchen for so long. I mean we now had a straight shot into our pantry without walking around the refrigerator and oh man it is GREAT!

Before you had to squeeze by the fridge to access the pantry!

After the move - can you believe what a difference 17 inches made in this small space!

The hubby framed in the wall and installed the cubbies vertically so they now made for cute built-in shelves- and I'm obsessed with how they turned out!

Sorry for the fuzzy pics here- this was before I learned how to edit my photos!

To stay true to my heart I had him shiplap the new wall and paint it white! I headed straight to Hobby Lobby where I had been eyeing a cute little wall organizer with hooks and baskets, snagged it up along with some simple black hooks and went by Home Goods because I needed 2 more baskets for the shelves. I decided on some white metal baskets with cute wood handles since the other 4 are such a dark brown color- I'm trying to keep things white and bright in our once brown builder grade home. I then went straight home to get the finishing pieces put together.

I couldn't be happier with how our new drop zone turned out!!! I don't at all miss the bench and cubbies that collected more junk than I knew what to do with. We now have a simple, functional space that is perfect for our family's needs!

I hope you enjoyed this and I'm looking forward to sharing more of our DIY projects with y'all!



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