Girls Trip to Nashville

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

One of my besties and I – hi Jayna! - recently talked our hubbies into letting us sneak away for a quick 3 day trip to Nashville! Being a wife and mom while working and keeping the house in order is hard work and I am a big believer in making sure make time to get away and have a little time for yourself whenever you can! We both follow and adore Living With Landyn- if you don’t already follow her… you should (but still follow me of course too ha!)… and she lives in the Nashville area so already pieced together some places we wanted to eat, shop and do ALL THE THINGS at.

We arrived Thursday about lunch time, dropped our bags off, freshened up then caught a Lyft and headed to The Gulch. This is a super cute, trendy area where there’s tons of boutique shopping, places to eat, good people watching and motorized scooters up for rental on every corner. This is also where we took pics at the Nashville Gulch angel wing mural- something you have to do if in the area. We decided to grab a bite at Milk & Honey and it was not only the cutest little place but everything we ordered was amazing! I highly recommend the Turkey & Brie sandwich; it was served with raspberry preserves and spinach on a wood-fired pita- yum! I also got an Arugula salad with shaved beets, goat cheese (hold the goat cheese for me- actually give it to whatever friend is with me because apparently I’m the only one who doesn’t love goat cheese), pine nuts and drizzled in a lemon vinaigrette. I mean, after a meal like that I could have settled for a nap but we ordered some coffees to pep us up and headed out to shop the afternoon away!

We were now amped up on our mid-afternoon caffeine pick-me-ups and were on a mission to shop as many boutiques as possible all while heading to our end destination- Uncommon James! Let me tell you, it is just as darling in person as it is on the reality show. We loved everything!!! No, we didn’t see Kristin Cavalair or Jay Cutler but we did spot one of the shop girls, Brittany Taylor, at Milk & Honey that day and she was just as gorgeous in person as she is on the show!

We headed back after shopping to get ready for a night out on Broadway to get our country dance on! We hit up all the new bars, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton’s bar (Ole Red), along with many more of the staples. I love how they all had roof top bars with live music on all levels! We danced the night away and had way too many cocktails while having the best time!!

We did not get up bright and early, after all we are moms who did not have to wake early to our young kids and get breakfast, while letting our coffee get cold, dish out snacks, wipe butts or break up arguments… so we slept in! We took our sweet time getting ready while watching some trashy TV and then finally headed out to Green Hills- the land of Landyn! This is the more booshy (says the Nashville locals)- which I’ll admit I had to google what this meant cause I’m not that cool guys. Turns out, it’s the more pricey, upscale area of Nashville. We got blow-outs (which instantly went flat in the Nashville humidity) and had lunch at another great spot, the Green Hills Grille. We started with their homemade guacamole- and holy moly it was good!!! We probably would have been fine sharing that and another appetizer because the portions are HUGE here and we had to leave half our meals behind. We left here and headed to the Green Hills Mall to hit up Madewell. We cleaned shop in there, Jayna snagged some super cute sneaks (and on sale- winner!), I found a cute hat, sunnies and the perfect crossbody bag in cogniac- my fave color for all things home décor, shoes, purses, jewelry! We could have done more damage but we were ready to get our drink on.

We left the mall and went to the cutest local bar, The Greenhouse Bar, where we had the most refreshing drink, one of their signature cocktails, The Tipsy Tea. It was served in a chilled mason jar and oh so delish!!! It was time to head back and do a quick change before heading out for night 2!

Night two looked a lot like night one and was just as much fun!! I’ve heard that any night is great in Nashville, no matter what day of the week it is, and I would totally agree. The only thing that would sway me into going on a weekday trip next time is that the country music celebs do drop-ins to the bars they own on weekdays… we just missed seeing Blake and Gwen Stefani when they stopped in on the Tuesday night after we left- gahhh!

Overall, we had the best time!!! I would totally do it again and highly recommend it to anyone who has not yet been to Nashville. Props to our hubbies for being so sweet to send us away on this trip and hold down the fort while we were gone. I hope this was informative and didn’t lose your attention too much while I got long winded in my recap!

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