Styling Your Outdoor Space

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Hi everyone! Ever since becoming parents we have found that it is not always easy to get a sitter and get out for a night with friends, so having a comfortable place to entertain at home (while your littles are asleep in their rooms) has been key for us!

We have a large, extended deck off our breakfast nook that is half covered and half not- this posed a problem with my original plan to screen in the deck because it would cut it in half- sigh. So, we decided on what felt like the next best thing, screening in the patio under the deck and making an outdoor entertaining area- perfect!!! This process was pretty time consuming (especially for the hubby) because we wanted this space to stay dry, which required him to install a waterproofing system under the deck so that whatever precipitation- or spilled drink from one of the kids- wouldn’t pour onto the furniture below.

After this was done and he got the pony walls up, the screens installed, painted and stained the concrete floors and finished up some final details.

Now, I didn’t fully appreciate what a difference staining concrete could make but it sure brightened up the area and made it look new again. He installed string lighting on the ceiling- which I am obsessed with- and a black, gooseneck outdoor light fixture that’s the perfect combo of rustic and industrial to tie it all together. He then put up an oscillating fan because it can get a bit stuffy down there, installed outdoor speakers and put together a weather proof dark board case! After all of the hubby’s handy work, this little space has quickly becoming my favorite spot in our little abode.

He was officially done with his work on this addition so it was now time to hand off the baton to me!!!

Shortly after he finished up hanging the string lights I was able to find an adorable outdoor sectional at Joss and Main that came with a cute little coffee table, and bonus we bought it during an end of the summer sale (last year) and saved a ton. If you’re in the market for outdoor furniture, Joss and Main has great sales at the end of the season- you should check them out! The hubby made two side tables and two kids sized chairs and soon we had a great little seating area.

Now, I wanted my décor to flow from the inside to this outdoor space in order to make it feel cozy and to keep it cohesive so I stuck to my usual white, black, wood tones and faux plant vibe that I love so much. I hit up our local Target for the outdoor rug and pillows and couldn’t be happier! Pillows and throws can make any area feel cozy, especially for those cool nights spent sipping wine and listening to music with friends. We did get some throws and a couple more pillows to use for layering from ikea. I haven’t done a lot of shopping there before this but was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the textiles. Since this is an outdoor space I wanted to incorporate lots of plants, but this space doesn’t get any sun so I knew I’d need to use faux plants. I found some cute hanging plants at Home Goods and some from Hobby Lobby. I added some touches of galvanized metal and walaa- we have a cozy, inexpensively decorated space to entertain in.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this little diddy!



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